Grace Scott

BA (Hons) History, Museums and Heritage, 2014

Since the age of 14, Grace Scott knew that she wanted to be a museum curator. Having her sights firmly set on a future career, Grace began to research university courses that incorporated museum studies as part of an undergraduate degree, and found UCLan's BA (Hons) History, Museums and Heritage degree. “This seemed a natural fit for me,” says Grace on why she chose UCLan. “It would aid my research skills in the history course as well as provide an academic foundation to pursue museum and heritage studies.”

Now, Grace is closer to attaining her dream job role as she is a Curatorial Trainee at Culture Coventry, Coventry Transport Museum.

Grace said: “My greatest achievement since graduating was co-project managing the past two temporary exhibitions at Coventry Transport Museum. ‘Tractors: From Factory to Field’, and ‘Hot Rods & Kool Kustoms’ have been huge achievements for me. Seeing such large projects start from an idea and being given the responsibility of turning it into reality has been a real privilege and learning experience.”

After graduation, Grace moved onto a Masters in Heritage Management at Bath Spa University, which she enrolled onto “with ease as the undergrad had thoroughly prepared me for taking the next level”. Then, soon after, she was offered her current role at Coventry Transport Museum.

Speaking on her time at UCLan, Grace says: “I have many nostalgic memories of UCLan. My course mates were brilliant; it had such a community feel and a great sense of humour among both the students and the lecturers. The drama society had a huge impact on my social life, plus I got to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe festival! I have gained friends for life from my course as well as the societies I was involved in.

“The exhibition design module prepared me for thinking about consultation and what other departments would be involved in organising museum exhibitions. I am far more confident with meeting new people and sharing ideas, and the friends I have made at UCLan remain in my life supporting and encouraging me. Overall, going to UCLan has had a huge impact on me for the better.”

To get to the position that she’s in, Grace suggests that her years of volunteering alongside her studies got her there, starting at her local town Heritage Centre from 14 years-old.

She added: “Always grab every opportunity you can to gain experience. Don’t restrict yourself by only applying for jobs/courses close to home, take that risk and move away. Going to UCLan over 200miles from home was the best decision I ever made to become independent, find myself, and go on the right course for me.”

04 April 2018