GlaxoSmithKline Visit

pharmacy visit

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) recently visited our Pharmacy and Biomedical Science students accompanied by former UCLan MPharm (Hons) student Hamzah Farhad to discuss career opportunities within the global company.

The aim of the session was to show students how to apply what they’re being taught at UCLan to an industrial setting. Games and exercises were held for students throughout the day, so they could learn how to detect counterfeit medicine and deal with their removal. Items like medicine, toothpastes and pain reliefs are often major culprits and the students were trained to ensure the branded items we buy are genuine through various activities and dice games. 

GSK have a graduate programme each year and recently came back to UCLan to give students the opportunity to learn and ask questions about it. Hamzah, a Pharmacy graduate in 2016, was quick to take up this opportunity after his studies, gaining a summer placement with the company following a discussion with a member of staff from GSK. With the company, Hamzah was introduced to pharmacy from an industry perspective, and prides himself on the experiences the programme gave him, stating: “It’s definitely given me a broader range of experiences which in the future will help me. I’m quite impatient with things and want to explore different career paths.”

After his summer placement at GSK, Hamzah completed his pre-registration course and is now well on his way to becoming an expert in the Pharmacy industry.

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