Georgie Rainford

Georgie talks to us about her academic and professional journey from UCLan to where she is today:

“My interest in events started around 10 years ago, when I used to work at a lovely country manor house waiting on at weddings and events. Although, I didn’t think this is where I would end up as it didn’t correspond with my school and college choices. After an extra year at college and not really knowing which path I wanted to follow, I decided to study Event Management at UCLan.

I shortly moved to Preston North End, worked events, match days, when an opportunity arose for me to become part of the Sales & Events team – I was successful in obtaining the role, and worked with The Villa at North End for my placement year. I was not only responsible for coordinating events, but the weekly email to our varied database and social media soon became a vital part of the role which I really took to. I was working alongside the Business Development Manager (UCLan alumni Lucy Hodge) who I thought was a great role model. Lucy was moved to help work on the group’s new project, Preston Guild Hall and I was asked to come over too.

This was a great opportunity for me and really taught me a lot about working in a larger office with a variety of personality types, something that we studied as part of our management modules. My time with The Villa Group really helped me to grow as a person and after staying there for a short while after completing university, I decided it was time to move on from what had become a marketing role for Mundo Tapas, The Villa Italian, Review & Leaf or Bean Coffee Shop as I wanted to focus on events.

I landed my dream role as a Conference & Events Coordinator with a Best Western Hotel and Spa, then fell into my old habits and was quickly undertaking the marketing for the entire hotel including digital and social as well as offline marketing such as organising newspaper adverts and designing artwork. Whilst I enjoyed this side of the role, I realised that coordinating weddings was not for me – I wanted to work in a more relaxed environment away from hotels and work on a variety of projects which suited me.

The role for Social Media and Marketing Manager at Get Staffed UK became available and I jumped at the opportunity to work for the team. Their corporate responsibility, high staff morale and get up and go attitude was exactly what I was looking for; a company which looked after their employees as part of their business model. I am now in a role which I am able to adapt and make my own, which is exactly where I want to be. I am an extremely hard worker, which I think was drilled into me throughout my time at UCLan, and this has got me to where I am today.”