Gemma Nettle

Journalism BA (Hons), Second year

I knew I wanted to get involved with Pulse Media before I came to university – it played a big part in me choosing UCLan for my studies. I wanted a place to experiment and try out new things, such as presenting and writing. I ended up presenting a throwback music show called Rewind and writing for The Pulse. Through this, I developed my skills and passion in both areas and learned a lot about the media industry.

I have really enjoyed having a managerial position as Deputy Editor-in-Chief for The Pulse this year. I applied for the position because I’m always looking to move onwards and upwards, as well as challenge myself. Further to this, I have been rewarded for my efforts last year with the awards for Media Newcomer of the Year and Cross Platform Volunteer. These were a happy addition to what had already been an incredibly rewarding year!

I’ve had to overcome any confidence issues I initially had. This is not to say I’m fully over them because challenging myself daily is something I still find difficult, but every day gets a little bit easier. The rewarding feeling you get after you wrap a show or publish an article cannot be beaten! This is why I think it’s so important for students who want to get involved to not let themselves stand in the way of their own success and happiness.

It doesn’t matter what course you’re on or if you would consider yourself an introvert – get involved. You won’t know if you enjoy it until you try so no excuses J, sign up and create the show you want to create, write the articles you want to write and be the person you want to be - because once university is over you’ll be kicking yourself that you never fought your nerves and had a go.

18 March 2020


Gemma Nettle holding student union award