Gavin Singleton

BA (Hons) Management, 2012

Gavin Singleton

UCLan Alumni Gavin Singleton chose to study BA (Hons) Management at UCLan after enjoying his business studies course at A Level. Now, after working for four high-profile companies and travelling the globe, Gavin works as a Sourcing Lead for Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leading global organisation in the healthcare and medical industry.

“My current role has taken me from a transactional tactical purchasing role, to a strategic role managing a number of spend categories and global suppliers. I am responsible for maximising the value of spend within the supply chain by working closely with low cost regions, such as China,” Gavin said.

Gavin’s journey to this position is a varied one. Whilst working in a temporary job at GlaxoSmithKline after graduation, he received a phone call from a former mentor at BAE Systems Marine, offering him a role. “To be honest I can’t say submarines were something that particularly interested me,” says Gavin. “But it was an amazing opportunity that I was very lucky to come by. I took the job, bought my own place and spent the next five years learning a new trade.”

Then, in 2012, the Management graduate and his wife, whom he met at UCLan, decided to take a break from working life and travel the world. They spent five months globetrotting, which he admits was “the best thing he ever did.”

After a few weeks back on home ground, Gavin was lucky enough to be offered a job working for the McLaren Formula 1 team as a Technical Buyer. He said: “It was a very easy decision to make, especially being a big Formula 1 fan! I spent the next 3 years living a dream of working for a F1 team, initially as managing the supply of raw materials before moving onto managing the Supply Chain for the gearboxes.

“I felt very privileged to have had to opportunity to work so closely with some of the most famous names in the sport, but after getting married in 2014 we decided to settle down closer to families back in the North West. After a short job hunt we packed our bags and moved to mid-Cheshire to work for Thermo Fisher Scientific.”

As part of his role, Gavin travels around the world and has visited the US, China and several European countries. The job has taken him from a transactional tactical purchasing role to a strategic role, managing a number of spend categories and global suppliers.

Despite all these experiences, Gavin still says his time at UCLan for made him the person he is today.

He said: “Without my degree, my career may have taken a very different path and I would not have had the same opportunities that I have had.

“Without UCLan there would be some very important people and memories missing from my life – most of all my wife, who keeps me in line and is responsible for pushing me to make difficult decisions about my future. Without her I wouldn’t be half the person I am.”

03 March 2018