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Games Design students take part in Game Jam 2018

BA (Hons) Games Design has recently hosted it's annual ‘Game Jam’ event; where first and second year students work in small groups alongside students from Music Production and Screenwriting courses to create a game in a short space of time, under a set brief.

This year introduced the theme of ‘Negative Space’, which the students were encouraged to adapt to their own interpretations in their games. Games Design tutor, Josh Wright, said:

“With us mixing first and second years together, it also helps the course bond, creating an environment where our students can help drive each other forward in their progression, and shows the importance of working as a team which is a key attribute to have in the Games Industry.”

The students had a time frame of 13 days to work on their games, before the final day welcomed industry professional Peter Field of Media Molecule, who judged and play tested all the games and then finally announced the winning team. He said:

"Firstly, thank you for inviting me to UCLan to come and play your Game Jam games again this year, it was so much fun last year and I think the standard is even higher this year. It still blows my mind to think you can pull these games together in such a short time frame. It was really good fun!”

The winning team, led by Noory Abouharous and Francis Edwards, included second year students; Michael Perkins, Charlotte Williams, Jake Kirkby, Matthew Oldcorn, Jack Roberts, and first year students; Daniel Butler, Niall Platt, Nicola Hynes and George Tomes. Each member was awarded a prize and certificate for their individual role in creating the ‘Best Game’:

  • Jacob Thursfield, Best Aesthetics - A games art book - Horizon Zero Dawn
  • James Moorby, Best Designer - A design book - 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School
  • Morgan Hesmondhalgh, Best Audio - A pop vinyl figure

Second year, Michael Perkins commented on how he thought events such as Game Jam benefited students:

“I feel that if you are having fun making games then this will shine through into the end result. Even though we won Game Jam 2018, I felt that the achievement came second to having worked with such a dedicated team.”

8 May 2018