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Fiona Booth

BSc Environmental Management Alumni

Fiona Booth, who graduated nearly 15 years ago in 2003 from BSc Environmental Management, has embarked on a journey since then that has taken her from the rainforests in Ecuador to working under the British Prime Minister.

“After UCLan I went straight to the Ecuadorian rainforest. I went to work for a small rural development charity where I helped farmers to improve their practices and diversify incomes through securing funding for an eco-lodge that still stands over a decade later,” Fiona said.

After returning from South America, Fiona took her first steps on a path that would lead to Parliament as she landed herself a job at her local government as a climate change coordinator. A worldwide consultant role followed as did working as a civil servant and as a sustainability manager for a housing association but more recently it is within the Cabinet Office that Fiona has found herself work.

“For the past three months I have been in the Cabinet Office as their Head of Energy, Construction and Manufacturing in the Business Partnership Team.  Here I work across government, civil society and with some of the UK’s largest corporates on an economy that works for all,” Fiona said.

Fiona Booth

Fiona credits UCLan with giving her a degree that has helped her in every single of her jobs so far, saying that she could not have manufactured a more relevant degree. “My degree has been the sound basis throughout my career- I really could not have chosen a more relevant degree,” Fiona said.

On top of the degree itself being a massive help to the career of Fiona Booth, she also believes that UCLan was the perfect university for her to undertake her studies.

“I was the first in my family to go to university and to do a course such as environmental management, a subject I am so passionate about.  It was a dream - and at a university that had a real community feel was really important to me; UCLan ticked all the boxes,” Fiona added.

Since graduating, courses such as Environmental Management have become more popular, something Fiona is delighted about. Her advice to current students is to “volunteer in your local area, challenge yourself by doing something different each year and to get a mentor from a business, charity or your local government.”