Faheemah Patel

BA (Hons) Religion, Culture and Society

My student experience at UCLan studying Religion, Culture and Society (RCS)

Prior to studying Religion, Culture and Society (RCS) at UCLan I had very limited knowledge and experience with other religions, cultures and societies.  My overall UCLan RCS experience has been a great journey. I do not think I could have chosen a better degree.

All throughout my three years studying RCS, my academic staff and advisors have supported me academically, personally and professionally and have always encouraged me to take as many opportunities that came my way for academic and personal development. They have great passion and enthusiasm for the subjects they teach us, with this they have passed on to all of their students including myself. Moreover the RCS team organise a whole range of national trips to different places of worship and international trips each year in which my first year we went to Budapest.

I was very lucky to have completed my second year abroad in Australia at a partner university in Sydney, furthermore with this amazing opportunity I was able to travel; broaden my knowledge, experiences and build relationships globally with people from different backgrounds of cultures and religion.

My RCS degree will open up many different job opportunities for me in the future as I have gained many transferable and valuable skills. I now can confidently say that I have acquired a whole load of skills from my time at UCLan.  Developing critical, analytical, communication and interpersonal skills from lectures, seminars and other academic and extracurricular opportunities I had. Gaining an insight and a deeper understanding of key issues around the world past and contemporary about religion, philosophy, sociology, history, politics, culture, education and the media. I will truly miss my time at UCLan as a RCS student.