UCLan Engineering Students Travel to Hong Kong

HK Case Study 

Eight BEng (Hons) final year students from the Building Services and Sustainable Engineering programme have recently returned from a week long residential workshop in Hong Kong as part of their course of study.

The main purpose of the workshop was to visit a partner college in Hong Kong offering the UCLan Building Services and Sustainable Engineering programme. The students spent their time around the laboratories learning about the equipment that the Hong Kong students have access to.

As part of their course, they were required to present their Systems Design module presentations to the Hong Kong students and staff, which they were then subsequently graded on. This exercise acted as a great confidence booster for the students; presenting to 60+ people makes presenting to their class back at UCLan a whole lot easier.

As part of the trip, the students were taken on cultural tours and given the freedom to go sightseeing around Hong Kong where they said they really enjoyed experiencing the different food and culture. The different places visited included; Kowloon Park, Temple of 10000 Buddhas, Tai O Fishing Village, Victoria Peak, as well as the Zero Carbon Building, which is surrounded by specific trees designed to attract native birds as a way of increasing diversity within Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Street

In addition to this, the learning experience prompted them to think and ask a lot of questions, such as; how would a waterless toilet system work in a place like England? Would it as all be possible to do? A great deal of what they learned was about Energy Efficiency; for example; they found that air conditioning that was for a whole room could be swapped to just the bed.

Other places the students were also very excited about was visiting the Macau Grand Lisboa Casino and the Venetianin in Macau (The City of Dreams), which they dubbed as the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’, the students said that the nightlife was on a completely new level.

The hotel that they stayed in was located in Wan Chai and was close to the Happy Valley Horse Racing Tack. The event is much bigger in Hong Kong than in England, the students enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere when they attended the races.

Overall the students had a fantastic time in Hong Kong, where they not only gained knowledge about engineering in the country but experienced a vast amount of sightseeing activities and culture that will be remembered by the students long after they complete their studies.