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Emma Inglis

Name: Emma Inglis
Course: BA (Hons) Deaf Studies and Education

Emma graduated from UCLan in 2009 and feels that her degree in Deaf Studies and Education was essential to her career.

“Currently I have got two main jobs, both of which I feel that without my degree I would not have, I am a Communication Support Worker (CSW) at Blackpool and the Fylde College where I support deaf students in both further education and higher education; the classroom as well as with their coursework. My second job is as a project worker for a deaf youth club Sign-Hi! My role there is to plan and prepare sessions for the children and young people to get involved in, without anyone being excluded because of their disability.

“I think that without my British Sign Language (BSL) skills being at the level they are I would not be able to do either of my two jobs. Also after learning throughout my degree through work experience in schools and also gaining social and cultural awareness about the deaf world, I am able to do my job a lot better than I would before University.”