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Emma Brayne (née Birch)

After completing her art and design GNVQ at college and listening to a talk from an interior design tutor, Emma Brayne decided that she wanted to study in the field of interior design. She looked around the country and, after being blown away by the friendliness of the staff and the facilities at UCLan, decided to study here.

In 2004, Emma graduated with a first class honours degree in architectural interior design. Due to her fantastic results, she quickly landed a job within a small interior design practice, working on commercial interiors. Emma started in a junior position and learnt how to use software to put design schemes together.

In just one year, Emma had gained enough experience to be accepted in a position at another practice as a product designer. This meant that she could run projects by herself from start to finish without any guidance from others.

Emma spent many years working at the company with clients and developing her commercial interior design skills, all whilst honing her technical ability and creative flair.

Wanting to challenge herself and push her skills further, Emma accepted a job at a fit-out company that was recognised for their commercial designs. This new position allowed Emma to work further afield, travelling overseas to view the latest in furniture designs that would make an impact in the commercial world.

Unfortunately due to the credit crunch, the company went into administration. However, this was a blessing in disguise for Emma as she decided to take the leap and start up her own company focusing on commercial interior design.

Before long, clients were soon snapping her services up and, five years on, Emma’s company is still going strong.

Emma feels that her business is one of her greatest achievements. Something, she says, she could not have done without the degree she gained at UCLan.

Her aim for the future now is to become a lecturer at university, as she feels she has much passion and guidance to pass on to others.