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UCLan secures £1.4M ERDF funding to help local industry embrace advanced technology

With the demise of traditional manufacturing the in North West region some evidence suggests that a number of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are struggling to grow due to a lack of understanding and therefore reluctance on how to embrace advanced technology.

There is a perception that higher value manufacturing technologies such as digital manufacturing is solely for larger companies and this perception is hampering growth within the regional economy.

Supported by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the UCLan-led initiative named, Digital Integrated Manufacturing Execution (DigitME), will help demystify new manufacturing technologies for SMEs by providing in-depth intelligence. By understanding how to incorporate these technologies into their organisations will enable them to make informed decisions for innovation and future growth.

More than 120 SMEs will be assisted through personalised advice and support enabling them to gain an insight into their own potential to adopt specific digital technologies therefore helping boost the manufacturing sector in the region.