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Education graduates improve their employability skills

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Below are just a few examples of how recent UCLan Education graduates developed their employability skills during their time at the University.

Charlotte Hand

Year of Graduation: 2009
Course: BA(Hons) English Language and Linguistics and Education

I am currently undertaking an internship, training as an Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Advisor. My main role is to provide careers advice and support to vulnerable adults looking to get back into work or education. I have found that studying Education at UCLan has provided me with a sound base for my career in this field, especially studying some of the barriers and disadvantages young people face in the education system during the module "The Education of Vulnerable Young People" (ED3215) which has been particularly useful. I am currently working in a deprived area of East Lancashire, working largely with people from ethnic minority backgrounds and so I have also found that the "Race and Education" module has helped enormously. I thoroughly enjoyed studying at UCLan and can highly recommend the course which opens up careers in all aspects of the education and training field.

Charlotte Turner

Year of Graduation: 2009
Course: BA(Hons) English Literature with Education

I have just enrolled onto an RE secondary PGCE at Edge Hill in Ormskirk. I am only in my first week but I think that my Education studies at UCLan have been really helpful as it has given me a starting point to the policies and laws that have been passed. Also the insight into how the system works has helped me to decide that I wanted to enter the education system and knowing the background has helped me to understand why it is how it is today.

Grete Smith

Year of Graduation: 2009
Course: BA(Hons) Politics with Education

I am currently studying on an MA course in European Institutions and Policy Making at Lancaster University. Throughout my MA course I made extensive use of study skills acquired through Education modules studied at UCLan, such as essay writing and structuring or literature review. I believe the good marks received for the written coursework for my MA at Lancaster University are testimony to the quality of teaching in the School of Education and Social Science at UCLan.

Yoko Fukawa

Year of Graduation: 2008
Course: BA(Hons) Education and TESOL

I moved to Finland to study a Master’s degree in Education (2 year course) since the study at UCLan left me with a great stimulus for studying further about education. Looking at UK education and Japanese education from outside teaches me a lot about my country's education, UK education, and the education of Finland.

I did an internship at a primary school in Finland, which was similar to “Working in educational settings” eg ED1204 Observing Education in Action, and ED2218 Experiential Learning in Educational Settings. It is always exciting to see the 'real' situation where education is taking place. From the experience from both countries, now I am getting to know the location of Japanese education. All courses I took at UCLan laid the firm foundation on which now the core ideas for my thesis build.

I have not decided what I am going to do after the Master’s degree course. I have many ambitions. I still have more questions which I want to research in educational field, but at the same time, due to my particular interests in the 'real teaching world', I want to experience teaching at school. In any case, all the knowledge and experiences gained at UCLan and Finland will lead me to the fruitful future.

Serene Yusuf

Year of Graduation: 2008
Course: BA(Hons) Education

I am just completing my first year doing an MA in Education. I am finding the studies interesting and challenging as I am also doing support work with a SEN child with severe learning difficulties, as well as delivering reading intervention programmes, early literacy support and a structured reading and spelling programme to a pupil in Year 5 at primary school.

Tracy Morriss

Year of Graduation: 2008
Course: BA(Hons) Education and TESOL

I completed my studies in 2008 and got my degree in Education with TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). My original plan was to get a job in the UK during term time and go abroad to teach English during holidays. After researching various options I decided I'd like to work for an international company whose criteria included 3yrs teaching experience (I had 2 from doing the Trinity cert with my TESOL). I signed on with an agency to do 'cover' work. I started this 'cover' work as a means to an end, to get 3yrs teaching experience. Against all my previous judgements, in spite of the fact that I’m a bit 'old school' with discipline and not a qualified teacher, I love it. I am now considering taking a PGCE and am hoping that due to my 18 months experience doing cover I should qualify for the shorter course.