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Doreen Odhiambo

How did you hear about the Scholarship?

I subscribe to and they update me weekly about available scholarship positions and that’s how I learnt of the UCLan studentship.

How did you find the application process?

The application process was easy and straight forward. For international students, the university explained the PBS( Point Based System) Regulations which was introduced in 2009, where international students are weighed on their capability in terms of being able to pay for their fees and cater for their living expenses. Secondly, there are the stages of application processes; for research students, their applications are accepted all year round and they can join in October, January, April and July of every year. There are also guidelines before applying, to check on the entry requirements which are available on the university website and how to apply section which explains what general applicants and those seeking the studentships should do. All these are available on the universities website.

Did you have to apply through an agent?

No, I did not. I applied directly.

What attracted you to the UCLan offer, compared to other universities?

The UCLan offer had the exact research topic that I was interested in; Sports Mega-Events in Developing Countries. Having worked with the Ministry of Sports in Kenya and actively participating in both the hosting of regional and continental sports championships and also taking our national teams to major international championships, I felt that the UCLan offer was right for me as it gave me an opportunity to do research on an area that was not explored (Sports Mega –Events in Developing Countries- Africa). The other reason was that the Director of Studies was somebody who is widely known in the area of sports mega-events and has written a lot of books on the subject.

What would you like to see improved in the scholarship application process?

In order to attract more international students, it would be good to make sure that the information reaches them in good time and give enough time to get all the correct documentation ready, for example IELTS results. This can be done by world wide online advertising or partnering with international universities for split-site programmes. Funding for international students is a major challenge. If the university can arrange for full –scholarships or offer research assistantship positions to this would attract a lot of good brains.