Dominic Walsh

BSc (Hons) Psychology, third year student

The Psychology BSc (Hons) course at UCLan’s flexibility was a huge factor in Dominic Walsh’s decision to apply to study here. Now in his final year of studying at the University, he believes the choice has paid off.

Students are given the freedom to float between different aspects of the course in order to find out which area is best suited to them before their third year, and Dominic thinks that is a really striking feature.

“I chose to study at UCLan for a few reasons,” he stated. “It is a relatively close University for me to commute to for starters.

“I also really enjoyed the open days I went to. They were really engaging, they gave a great account of themselves on what I should expect the lectures to be like. I also found the facilities at the university to be up to date and second to none in the area, so it was an easy choice.

“I really wanted to do something with the study of people, so psychology really suited this. The course at UCLan gave me the choice to change between the different areas of psychology if I really wanted. For instance, if I really liked the forensic route, I could quite simply at the end of the year move onto a forensic psychology course. The ability to have that freedom really attracted me.”

Dominic also speaks very highly of the quality of teaching on the Psychology course here in Preston, as well as the facilities.

Both of those factors are hugely important for any student to succeed, so it speaks volumes about UCLan.

“The facilities are amazing. I love how we have so much on offer,” he said. “For my current year dissertation, I have the opportunity to use a body analyser machine, which measures loads of different things within the body, like the amount of visceral fat. I have also been lucky enough to see the brain imaging lab in use.

“The teaching is brilliant. For me, the lectures are very engaging, very visual and very audible. All of the research presented by the lectures is as up to date as needed and if you need any additional help or information then the lectures are always willing to give that if you simply drop them an email.”

The future is looking bright for Dominic too, as he is taking advantage of the excellent links that the University has.

He thinks that it is important to seize all of the chances that UCLan gives its students, as it will be hugely beneficial in the long run.

“[My advice would be] take all the opportunities you can,” he continued.

“I am hopefully going to be going the Cyprus next year to give a small presentation on this Lego Based Therapy we did at this club and that is all thanks to the university giving out that opportunity and me jumping on the chance. Work efficiently and everything will pay off in the end.”

30 April 2019