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David Newman


A desire to work in Law Enforcement since he was a child and an interest in Public Services led to David Newman graduating from UCLan in 2012 with a BSc (Hons) Policing and Criminal Investigation degree and becoming a Police Officer in an Emergency Response Unit for the Metropolitan Police Service.

“I have always wanted to be a police officer and my original plan was to join the Royal Military Police, eventually returning to join a civilian Police Force,” explained David. “However, by the time I had graduated I had gone off the idea of joining the armed forces and decided that I would rather join the Police straight away.”

During his time at the University, he also had the opportunity to complete a semester abroad in the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague. After graduation he spent two years working in call centres where he bided his time, built up his communication skills and gained experience dealing with conflict until the police started recruiting. He then joined the Metropolitan Police Service through a Graduate Scheme which entered him into a talent pool for prospective future leaders.

Now, in his role as a Police Officer in the Emergency Response Unit in the City of Westminster in Central London, David’s tasks vary from standing on crime scenes to counter terrorism patrols, taking reports of crimes and rushing to get to offences taking place. He’s found himself particularly drawn to the physical aspects of the job as they are often tasked with supporting operations, carrying out warrants and are usually in the thick of the action.

“I am a Level 2 trained Public Order Officer, which is, in short, being trained in the use of “riot gear” and shields to deal with situations which may require it,” David explained. “Even the training is fun, having bottles and petrol bombs thrown at you! This means that I am sometimes taken away from my usual roles in order to do things such as police football matches and protests. I am also currently on a waiting list for a Taser Course and an attachment to the Territorial Support Group.”

Reflecting on his time at UCLan, David said: “My lasting memories of my time at UCLan would be the crime scene houses, because I was awful at it but still found it fascinating and fun. If you are thinking of becoming a police officer, probation officer, civilian investigator or fancy the military police this is almost certainly the course for you. It focuses on law, policing and investigation skills but also communications, forensic science, and one of my modules in Prague was forensic psychology. I’ve been in the Police a relatively short time and still get people telling me that I have the knowledge of an officer of many more years of service. To me, that shows that my efforts during the course have paid off massively, and that the course really does build knowledge of Policing and Criminal Investigation.”