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Daniel Bentley

BA (Hons) Journalism

Daniel graduated from the BA(Hons) Journalism course in 2012 and having moved to New York secured a job at Circa as a contributing editor. Circa is a mobile-first news company which creates living storylines that users can follow and be updated on via push notifications.

Circa doesn’t write articles but aims to break news down into its atomic elements such as, facts, stats, quotes, events and images. By doing this they are able to deliver the facts in a format digestible for quick mobile reading.

Dan is grateful for the time he spent at UCLan, which enabled him to develop the skills he uses in his current job.

He said: “UCLan gave me the time and freedom to experiment with new technologies and techniques for journalism, while instilling me with the traditional tools of the trade.

“My role as a contributing editor at Circa is to scour the web looking for the these ‘atoms’ with which we can create storylines or update existing ones. It requires a strong sense of what is newsworthy, something I honed during my time at UCLan. At Circa we're not trying to capture slices of history, we're creating a model of what is currently happening in the world, which requires the ability to think fast and read broadly.”