Dance Students Go for Gold

First year students work towards award as they plan final year shows

Dance Students Go for Gold!

Seven first year BA (Hons) Dance Performance and Teaching students are working towards their Gold Arts Award by running the final years’ performances of Borders and Boundaries, Intersect and In Motion in May that are part of the Lancashire Arts Festival.

Gold is the highest level on the Arts Award, at Level 3 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), and develops young people’s creativity, communication, planning, teamwork and leadership skills. Students have to complete two units whilst doing their Gold Arts Award through developing their knowledge and skills as artists and to take charge of running an arts project for a public audience, building their skills as an effective leader.

Lecturer Sarah Hall said: “The Gold Arts Award is a great opportunity for our students to experience real, practical aspects of the dance industry, relevant to their career interests. The flexible and collaborative approach allows them to individually tailor the programme to develop areas of weakness and build all-round stronger practicing artists. The opportunity for the students to have direct input to shape and manage the In Motion performances, which are a huge part of our course, mean that the event is relevant and evolves with their needs and ambition.”

For the units they have to complete, the students involved will be creating their own dance works and learning more about the dance sector across the North West. They will also be working as a team to create and manage the In Motion graduation show for BA (Hons) Dance Performance and Teaching.

The seven students involved are Carmen Robins, Kayleigh Whiteside, Alissa Nehrlich, Adrienne Melling, Charlotte Young, Abigail Corr and Hazel Loftus. Together they will be involved in all areas of the running of the shows including the organisation of the performances in the PR1 Gallery, front of house management, the marketing of the events and backstage and stage management.

Adrienne Melling talked about some of the tasks that herself and Alissa Nehrlich have to do as the front of house team.  She said: “We have some fundraising jobs to do which will include organising a cake sale and we also have to get some volunteers together to hold front of house to be at the front door and by the side of stage because we are going to be dancing at some point as well.”

Alissa added she is excited to be organising the shows and that it is making her think about life after university. “I think doing this will help me decide what I want to do after university as it gives me the opportunity to see more of and the different sides of the art world.”

Charlotte Young, who forms part of the backstage and stage management team, explained what she is looking forward to the most: “The show night and the chaos of it all. I am backstage so I need to get the dancers ready and its pleasing to see their nerves before they go on transform into ‘yeah smashed it’ as they come off stage. I’m looking forward to seeing that the most.”

The three performances by final year students all fall under the Lancashire Arts Festival, a series of events, performances and Degree Shows across campus starting in May. View the Festival’s event listings.

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By Ellis McKeown

Dance Students Go for Gold!