Dan Smith

BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2018

BA (Hons) Fine Art graduate Dan Smith signed off his degree in the perfect way, by winning an award in his subject area at the Lancashire Arts Festival 2018.

Dan Smith

For his project, Dan compiled several detailed drawings of traditional British meals, such as your basic beans on toast.

Dan was understandably delighted by both his nomination and subsequent success, and he believes that it can help take his work to the next level. He said:

“Just to be nominated for the award felt amazing and to win it, has given me a huge confidence boost and more belief in the artwork that I produce.

“My work has always been inspired by everyday life, the use of food within my work relates to the working class and poses a nostalgic quality. For example these dishes have been found on school dinner menus and within most homes across Britain and we all can relate to these in some way.”

Dan attributes the foundation entry programme as one of the main factors in enticing him to study here, and he thinks his faith has been fully repaid by all of the experience he’s managed to pick up during his time in Preston. He continued:

“I chose UCLan based on its foundation entry programme, as I had been out of education for some time prior to coming to university. I found the interview process was very relaxed and all tutors were welcoming which influenced my decision further also the facilities that were available and the size of the studio spaces.

“Overall my experience at UCLan has been amazing and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. One highlight of my time here is to have been able to work alongside talented individuals for the past four years.

Dan Smith

“To be involved in their journey as a creative practitioner and being given the opportunity to run two oil painting workshops for first and second year students as part of the tutor workshop week was also brilliant.

“My advice to potential students would be to speak to all tutors on the Fine Art course, as their knowledge is priceless and all have connections in different areas of art. Use all of the facilities that are available to you and most of all to enjoy it.”

17 July 2018