Dan Collins

BA (Hons) Business and Management, 2017

Now studying Master of Business Administration MBA

My Life as an Undergraduate

For me, university has been the most exciting period of my life, having finished college and going straight to university from a small town in Cumbria, it was a fantastic time to do new things.

After being successful with my degree here at UCLan, my experience overall was fantastic. I have had amazing opportunities that have boosted my skills and personality across the board, including an extra-curricular programme called LaunchPad. Which focused on driving intensive leadership and employability training into a small group of students. For a cherry on the top, we managed to visit Shanghai Institute of Technology and experience another culture as part of our studies and explore one of the world’s most influential cities.

Moreover, my journey through undergraduate study gave me the skills and confidence needed to start my own business, along with many of the support services available to business students here at UCLan. This included me being able to meet and foster relationships with local and national business people, mentors, specialists, millionaire investors and some of the most exciting entrepreneurs currently in the UK… the list is endless!

Dan Collins

Fast-forward to the present, I am currently studying Master of Business Administration (MBA) at UCLan whilst growing my business, I work part-time for a retailer and act as a business associate for a dynamic entrepreneur in Preston.

However, above all, the experience has taught me how many opportunities are out there. University is a fantastic tool to have great fun with great people, with some of my closest friends also being from my course and university life, in short?

Fortune favours the bold.

19 March 2018