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Damien Booth

BA (Hons) Philosophy

Damien Booth studied on UCLan’s BA (Hons) Philosophy from 2009 to 2012.  A combination of hard work, natural aptitude, and a willingness to really get involved with the subject led to his graduating with a very good first class degree.  On the strength of this he applied for and won a postgraduate bursary that covers his fees to study for a PhD in philosophy.  He also works part-time teaching philosophy at a local school.

Damien said: “As a result of studying Philosophy at UCLan, a viable career has opened up for me very quickly. The content of the degree has given me analytical skills (such as critical thinking, precision, caution and patience) that are transferable to any work environment.

“Thanks to the support of the staff in the department, I was able to take my career a step further in the direction of academia, as postgraduate study became an increasingly realistic prospect. I was offered PhD study in philosophy within a few short months of graduating, and a year later, I am working at a private school teaching philosophy to A Level students.

“Without the quality of education I received during my time at UCLan, I doubt I would be where I am today. At the start of the degree, many people questioned my choice, but I do not regret the decision, and in fact, I owe all the great opportunities that have come my way to doing philosophy at UCLan."