Craig Pearson

BEng (Hons) Motorsports Engineering, 2012

Control Systems Technician, Williams F1

Aspiring to live life in the fast lane and keen to pursue an enjoyable career, Craig Pearson’s strong interest in motorsport lead him to the BEng (Hons) Motorsport Engineering course at UCLan.

“After open days at various universities that offer the Motorsport Engineering course, I felt that UCLan was equipped to offer me some of the best resources to gain some valuable experience at an undergraduate level, such as access to the Formula Fords and machine shops.” said Craig.

Since graduating, Craig raced towards a dream career with Williams F1, with a pit stop at TCS Motorsport in-between. Although this was working at a fairly low level in terms of the motorsport ladder, Craig’s experience at TCS was a good foundation to start his career. He explained: “Once I felt I gained as much as I could at that level, I pursued engineering roles further up the ladder and managed to get a role as a data and performance engineer at a European F3 team. This is where I built up much more in-depth knowledge of electronics, ECUs, car setup and data analysis.”

This all lead to Craig landing a role as Control Systems Technician at Williams F1, which the UCLan alumnus rates as his greatest achievement since graduation. Speaking about his role, Craig said: “I have started to gain more accountability. Part of this progression is to work as the main electronics and control engineer on test events. It gives me tremendous responsibility working in a high pressure environment alongside the race and performance engineers.

“At these events I have to make quick, key decisions which can affect the performance we take to race events so I get to feel the impact I have within the team.”

Craig’s advice for any potential students looking to study a similar course would be; “To find out which area of engineering you’re interested in pursuing. This way, you can build up a good set of knowledge and experience that can help get the job at the level you want.

“For the roles in F3 and F1 having a degree was a requirement so on a fundamental level I wouldn’t be in my current position without the degree,” Craig added. “But having one specialised towards industry that was taught by people with a good idea of motorsport I think gave me an advantage.”