Coral Simpson

coral simpson

Graduating with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Business Management in China, Coral Simpson has secured herself a role in Zhuhai, China, as a Branch Manager for InternChina. Speaking after her graduation, Coral speaks about why she chose UCLan and how she enjoyed her time at the university.

“UCLan was the only university that offered a year abroad in China that was separated into two semesters, one semester studying at a Chinese University, and one semester undertaking an internship in a multinational company in China. This was an incredibly unique feature that made my selection process incredibly easy.” 

Despite her success on and after the course, Coral went through some personal problems whilst studying in her final year, undergoing multiple big surgeries due to illness. “I took quite a while out of studying, which inevitably affected my attendance. I contacted all of my university lecturers to ensure they understood my situation, additionally; I also applied for extenuating circumstances to relieve me from any added stress of meeting the same deadlines as my course mates. I eventually got back to my studies and was able to graduate on time with all my course mates.”

Coral is grateful for all the help and support she received from the tutors whilst going through this difficult time. “When I was sick, the teachers went out of their way to record all lectures and personally send them to me, additionally to this, they set up one-to-one meetings and gave me personal contact details so I was able to contact them with any difficulties I was having. The support I received really helped me to achieve what I have.”

“The teaching on my course is great, the Chinese teachers are professional but are also able to engage with us on a personal level, as the class is small and we spend so much time together we really got to know each other. The teachers made us want to do well, as we wanted to make them proud”, Coral said.

The BA (Hons) Business Management in China course is a small programme, and in Corals case, only had six students studying it in her year. However, she explains the advantages of studying with a small team. “We all got to know each other very quickly and got to know the students on the same course but in the years above. They helped us answer any questions we had as well as making the transition into university life very smooth.”

The number of skills Coral has learnt whilst studying at the university is “limitless” as she explains the opportunities that were available to her during her time at UCLan. “I went on numerous trips to China that were offered by the Confucius Institute, most notably was a trip to Fuzhou to study at a partner university for 2 weeks over Easter holiday. Additionally, I have attended guest lectures and also enjoyed my year abroad in China.”

Speaking about her greatest achievement to date, Coral said, “securing myself a place at Beijing Language and Culture University during my year abroad (the best university to study Chinese as a foreign student). Also graduating with a 2.1 honours degree after all the time I needed to take off for health reasons, and securing myself a managerial role straight after graduation.”

Whilst in her new role as Branch Manager for InternChina Coral’s duties will involve, providing support to participants on InternChina programs in Zhuhai as well as ensuring a smooth day-to-day running of operations.

For anyone looking to do something similar to Coral or choosing to study at UCLan, her advice would be: “University will not only educate you in whatever field you chose to study but it will also give you the fundamental skills that are needed in the workplace. UCLan works closely with many different companies and programmes and may be able to offer you opportunities you may not receive anywhere else. If you are interested in working in China, then learning the language is important, and once you get started, it is not as difficult as you think. The lecturers and the university want to see you succeed.”

“UCLan is a university who cares for their students and each staff member will do everything possible to ensure their students are satisfied. It’s this type of care and support that is going to stick with me for the rest of my life; each staff member goes beyond their job description in order to make each student feel special.”