Conor Edwards

BSc (Hons) Computer Network Technology graduate

Conor Edwards

Conor Edwards has always been intrigued by computer networks, making his decision to study BSc (Hons) Computer Network Technology at UCLan a simple decision. Six months after graduating and Conor is working for the National Grid as a Cyber Security Specialist.

“In my role I rotate round different departments in the Cyber Security Operations team. This includes working as an intrusion analyst in the Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), working as an incident management analyst helping handle business critical cyber incidents, digital forensics, engaging and helping the team with e-discovery tasks and finally with the Threat and Vulnerability team helping with intelligence, internal penetration testing and threat hunting,” Conor said.

A 12-week placement at the National Grid turned out to be the best thing that the BSc (Hons) Computer Network Technology graduate did during his time at UCLan. Conor believes every student on the course should follow suit.

“For anyone wanting to come into computing, cyber security or networking I can’t stress enough how good an internship or placement can be towards your development. Mine was only a three-month placement but it was more like a 12-week interview in order for me to be offered the graduate scheme. You get a hint of working life before returning back to university,” Conor added.

During his time at UCLan, Conor made memories for life with a large group of friends who he says helped him through the difficult times as well as enhancing the good.

“It really helps having a good group of friends when your course studies get tough and you need some support or just to chill out. The course I studied is what I spent most of my time doing and the learning opportunities during my course is what I will really remember.”

On the whole Conor thoroughly enjoyed life as a student in Preston, and if things don’t work out at the National Grid he knows that the skills he learnt at UCLan will hold him in good stead for whatever he may do in the future.

“The skills learnt during my time at UCLan have helped my understanding in a very technical subject area. Other skills such as CV writing and project management helped lots too in both getting the graduate scheme and when I start projects. The skills taken from UCLan are very transferable.”