Cheryl Woods

BA (Hons) Retail Management with Buying - 2009

Cheryl has always wanted to work in fashion, and after working on a shop floor for a number of years, decided she wanted to learn more about retail. Due to this, Cheryl chose to study Retail Management with Buying at UCLan.

After graduating from UCLan, Cheryl got her first job as an allocator for the fashion retailer Coast in London which Cheryl says she loved as she “gained so much experience in a fashion environment.”

Cheryl then went on to work for the retailer Matalan and then moved up the ranks to work as an Assistant Merchandiser for Littlewoods and Very. In this role Cheryl works on men’s fashion brands alongside some of the biggest suppliers in the country, ensuring that stock is in the right place at the right time to satisfy customer demand.

Speaking about her current role, Cheryl commented: “They are the biggest online retailers in the UK and with internet shopping growing at a great rate, I thought that they would be the perfect company to work for.”

Since graduating, Cheryl says her greatest achievement was getting her first job in London. She says it was a fantastic learning curve and it was a job related to the degree that she spent three years doing.

Her advice to anyone wanting to follow a similar career path is to get as much experience as possible. She says a placement year is always beneficial but even working on the shop floor taught her valuable lessons.

Reflecting on her time at UCLan, Cheryl said: “I enjoyed everything about university. I had great course mates and tutors. I made some of my best friends at UCLan.”

She continued: “My course gave me the confidence and the knowledge to be able to work in retail head office. The social skills that I gained at University have also been invaluable and have enabled me to become a well-rounded person.” 

cheryl woods