Carolyn Pearson

BA (Hons) Business and Computing, 1998

Arriving at UCLan as a mature student, Carolyn Pearson studied BA (Hons) Business and Computing and has since become a successful business owner with clients in over 100 countries.

Carolyn graduated in 1998, with an ambition to “gain credibility and influence with the management of my employer” in her career in IT. After graduation, though, Carolyn went one better and moved on to join Sony Music in the Netherlands as an International IT Project Manager to help them through the millennium bug.

The UCLan graduate spent six years in the Netherlands, becoming fluent in Dutch along the way, but had bigger plans on the horizon. In 2008, Carolyn decided to use the business elements of her degree and set up her own company, Maiden Voyage.

Maiden Voyage provides travel safety solutions for female business travellers. The company aims to scour the world’s top business cities to provide women with up to date recommendations for female friendly hotels.

Carolyn said: “I’m a lover of travel and an advocate and supporter of women in business. The business I created allowed me to combine my three passions and to go on to do something amazing – liberate other women to have both a safe and social experience when travelling overseas.”

Despite her successes, winning numerous Business and Travel awards and becoming a regular speaker at major travel and security events around the world, Carolyn still looks back at her time at the University fondly.

She said: “The experience at UCLan totally opened up my love of learning, I found the entire experience thoroughly enjoyable. With the right mind-set and environment, I went on to be a role model for women in tech often leading all male teams.

“Learning is so liberating and you make new friends for life.”

04 April 2018