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Caroline Hinchliffe

BA (Hons) Event Management (2012)

“I have always had a keen interest in music festivals and similar types of events; when looking at UCLan some of the modules were festival related which really caught my eye. The chance to put on live events each year was also a major draw for me.

I started out at UCLan as a complete novice to assignments and what academic life entailed - I began at college doing a performing arts degree where the messier the work was the better. Coming to UCLan I then learnt the difference between a report and an essay and even general grammar. I went through a really tough time and had a lot of self-doubt at one point but the tutors and other students in my class really helped me overcome this. With UCLan being a smaller university you really feel a part of a community and you are not just a number - the teachers actually know your name and are happy to help you."

I then decided to get involved with the university and the many programmes it offers - I became a Flying Start mentor, M&M volunteer, 53 Degrees street team promotions, Volunteer on frequency radio, general volunteer for on campus events & student ambassador for the events programme on Open Days. This all contributed to my success and these opportunities really added to my UCLan experience."

"I was very fortunate to complete a work placement which gave me reservation experience, which then helped me to get a job working in the headquarters for London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. It was an honour to be part of such an amazing UK event – especially to finish my final year and walk into such an amazing role. It was my biggest achievement and to watch Usain Bolt run and be there at the opening and closing ceremonies was amazing.

It was my tutor who saw the position for the 2012 Olympics & Paralympics and really pushed me to go for the role - this has now accelerated me into the corporate world in Canary Wharf and I have all of this to thank UCLan and my tutors for.

My advice would be, never stop believing in yourself and what you can achieve; you may just surprise yourself.”