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Business students enjoy pop-up assessment

First year students from the Division of Business, Economics and International Business have created pop-up enterprises as part of their module assessment.

The pop-up assessment aimed to introduce a business challenge which required a creative and innovative response from each group of students. The initiative was supported by the Student Experience Group who provided initial funding of £75 per group. Each group produced an enterprise proposal as a means of securing their business start-up funding.

The enterprise proposals included ideas ranging from gardening and cleaning services to “Pluggy” sales, mobile phone accessories that plug into the earphone jack. Other groups chose to exploit peoples’ sweet tooth with sales of pick and mix and soft drinks pitched tantalisingly cheaper than the adjacent vending machines.

The pop-up enterprises ran for a one-week period following the Easter break with most groups managing to generate a profit from their initial investment. In the end, the Student Experience Group allowed students’ to retain any surplus generated.

To close the project, students were asked to write a reflective account of their experiences working as an enterprise group. Many students spoke about the different roles people undertook and the need for clear communication within the group in order to achieve objectives. Students noted how much they enjoyed establishing and running their enterprises and the sense of achievement they gained from the assessment.

Lancashire Business School lecturer, Karl Lester said: “The assessment of BC1000 Personal and Professional Development module, designed to equip students with employability maximising knowledge and practice, was much enjoyed by the students and following the feedback received, we’ll modify the assessment model and definitely use it again next year.”