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UCLan Business students deliver stunning presentations at Wax Lyrical

wax lyrical presentation

Eleven undergraduates from UCLan’s Division of Communication, Marketing and Public Relations presented their ideas to senior sales and marketing staff at Wax Lyrical’s head office in Ulverston, Cumbria. Their presentations were part of an assignment from one of their final year modules. It was organised by Peter Ashfield, Course Leader in Business and Marketing, to help students prepare for the application of marketing in a real-world setting.

This was a challenging live brief aimed at assisting Wax Lyrical in implementing a focused marketing campaign to increase their sales and profit. Sales and Marketing Director Shane Crawford said: “From Wax Lyrical’s point of view the whole process of working with UCLan has been of great benefit. It has been an opportunity for our company to support the students and the University with a real desire from the company to work with the HE community. From a commercial point of view, by working with the students, we have been fortunate to have the two presentations and for the students to think outside the box and suggest something we have not been thinking of. The two presentations delivered some unique concepts that we can take away and digest.”      

The benefits of working with real businesses to solve real business and marketing challenges are clear to see.

Peter Ashfield said: “Here we are with a real-life visit to a real-life business for students to experience what it is like to deliver a true consultancy project based on a module we deliver in the final year of their time at University. The groups presented their big ideas to the senior management team at Wax Lyrical and received great applause for the creativity that has been generated. The students will leave Wax Lyrical with their heads held high knowing that in the real world they are able to deliver real solutions for real businesses.”

What the students said:

Abigail Jones – Final year student studying BA (Hons) Marketing Management (Advertising, Marketing and Communication) – Graduated with a first-class honours degree.

“It is not just about looking at a page and answering an assignment, it is doing something that you know will have benefits beyond University. I will be able to talk about this experience in years to come. I feel as though I have more confidence and will benefit me in the future as something I’ll be able to talk about in interviews with future employers and be able to demonstrate that I have had this experience seeing what other marketers are looking for by the questions they asked us.”

Sean Carter – Final year student studying BA (Hons) Business and Marketing degree - Graduated with a first-class honours degree.

“It’s given me a chance to put the theory into practice and given me some industry experience as well. I already have some but having this experience in more than one area of business is advantageous for me. You can build your confidence levels because you are actually presenting in front of senior management and you are definitely going to be doing that in the working world.”

For more information contact Peter Ashfield, Senior Lecturer in Business and Marketing, School of Business, UCLan Tel: 01772 894667