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Bobbie Butters

Third Year BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning student

Bobbie Butters

Bobbie is currently a Year 3 student studying BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning at UCLan. Bobbie already had a passion for powerlifting before she began her course at university and describes the facilities as one of the main reasons she chose to study at UCLan.

“A great thing the University has is the sport arena’s Eleiko kit, so for myself going into powerlifting competition I know I am lifting the correct weight and anyone from the University can use the kit here.

“From September last year, we got similar kit in Darwin Building as well. This is good for training but also for 3rd year projects and teaching as it is right next to the biomechanic lab so you can take equipment from there and move them into the labs.”

She also describes the lecturers as being a main drive to study here at UCLan. “I went to the Open Day and met my course tutor Chris Edmundson. I got to ask him lots of questions where he showed great enthusiasm about the course, and the university and that was a big thing for me. Right from the start he has shown great interest in helping me both with my degree and powerlifting which I highly appreciate. The quality of the course and modules stood out as it was strength and conditioning orientated compared to other science based courses.

“Throughout my time at University many of the lecturers have been available to answer questions, I can go to Chris with anything and he helps as and when he can. Stephanie Dillon has also helped me a lot during my studies and again will help where she can; the student lecturer relationships here are fantastic and really enhances the overall student experience.”

In 2016, Bobbie set five British records in the junior powerlifting national in Ashington and went straight to the top of the North West all-time rankings with 419 Wilks points. Since then Bobbie has been chosen for Team GB to attend the European championships in Denmark, which will hopefully, lead on to the World championships in Minsh, Belarus June 2017.

“I am looking forward to being on an international stage and doing what I love to do, lifting heavy weights.”

After University, Bobbie aims to join the MSc Strength and Conditioning course here at UCLan and wants to set up a business with two course friends where they can provide online coaching. “I feel like we can provide quite a lot to athletes wanting to build strength.”