Beijing Institute of Technology and UCLan Celebrate 20 Years of Partnership

Over 80 graduates from the UCLan-BIT Joint Programme were reunited in Beijing this week for an Alumni event to celebrate the programme’s 20th birthday.

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Long Teng, welcomed the Alumni and UCLan staff at the beginning of the event, before thanking UCLan for being BIT’s first international partner to introduce the high quality teaching programme in Electronic Engineering; helping BIT to become a truly international university in China.

UCLan Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Planning and International Strategy) Liz Bromley was invited to make a speech in which she reviewed the history of a longstanding, successful collaboration between UCLan and BIT in teaching, student exchange programmes and staff training since 1998. The speech was followed by the Faculty Director (Business Development), Martin Brown, who introduced the ongoing business development between UCLan and BIT, such as the new ‘3+1+1’ articulation proposal for introducing BIT regular students to UCLan’s undergraduate and postgraduate engineering courses.

8 outstanding students who are currently studying the programme were provided with scholarship awards and were congratulated by Liz Bromley, after the founders of the Joint Programme, Lik-Kwan Shark (UCLan) and Mei Wenbo (BIT), shared their remarkable experience of developing the programme 20 years ago.

BIT is one of China’s top rated universities in science and engineering, which UCLan has had a partnership with since 1998 when the Joint Programme for BEng(Hons) in Electronic Engineering was established.  Currently there are over 100 students studying on the programme. Throughout the partnership, there have been regular staff exchanges between the two institutions, and a series of student experience programmes have been developed including UCLan-BIT Engineering Summer School and Undergraduate Research Internship.

10 July 2018