My audition memories

Bethany Law


A lot of auditions will ask for you to bring a piece of dance work with you to perform or learn a specific piece of choreography for performance at the audition. Here lecturers work with you as a group to put together your piece and consider a lot more than just dance ability within the audition. UCLan Dance have strong links to the industry and really believe in giving you the best experience possible, from audition all the way through to graduation and beyond.

Audition Day

The day runs almost as if you were a student already, with a technique class to start off, followed by a creative session. Unlike a lot of auditions where you just focus on yourself the whole time and don’t really speak to anyone, there is collaboration work designed specifically so you get to work and move with others. You work to create something as a group, which is then performed in a sharing at the end of the classes.

A course presentation helps give a clearer understanding of how the course is run, as it is unique to UCLan. There’s a questions section with the lecturers too, so lots of communication with those who would teach you. They want to get to know who you are, not just what you can do. You’ll be giving some material to think about over a break part way through the day, which will then be discussed during this questions section.

Bethany Law


Don’t be afraid to ask - the lecturers are warm and friendly and student ambassadors from the course are there so you can ask informal questions about university life and the course experience from someone who is currently studying.

Think positively - this may be your first audition or your fifth, but every time you will be offered a new experience. Make the most of this wonderful learning opportunity.

Be yourself! - the whole atmosphere is comfortable and inviting, so relax into the experience.

This was definitely my favourite audition, and the support shown on the audition day has continued through my studies. UCLan Dance continues to develop and is an incredible asset when it comes to making industry connections and nurturing your development as an artist.

12 December 2019