Beth Singleton

BSc (Hons) Mathematics

When choosing a university, I was looking for one that was close to home. UCLan seemed like the ideal choice for me. The university is in an area that I am already familiar with, so as a person who is not the best at navigating around new areas, choosing UCLan made me feel more comfortable with knowing that I wasn’t going to get lost making my way to and from the uni! Also, when looking at other universities, UCLan was more appealing to me as there are wonderful facilities that help enhance the learning experience.

Maths has always been a subject for me that I enjoyed as it engages me, but requires time to be spent on the work outside of the classroom to be able to fully understand the content.

Beth Singleton

UCLan offered modules which are different from other universities that explore both the pure and applied sides of mathematics, which enables the students to be able to discover which side they prefer or if they like both. This can come in handy when considering future career options.

The facilities are accommodating to student life. The library is extremely useful for working on assignments in a quieter environment, with many books to research certain topics. There are also many other places across the campus where there are areas for students to spend time. For example: The Foster Social Space allows students to discuss work with friends but also to just socialise with others.

The lecturers are extremely helpful and are more than willing to spend time ensuring that you understand any challenging concept or theorem. During the tutorial sessions, the lecturers will make sure to answer any query you may have about different aspects of the work on a more one to one level. They are approachable and due to the smaller class sizes, are able to get to know their students better.

After not attaining the results that I wanted from college, I enrolled onto the foundation entry course. This choice was the best thing for me as it helped to rebuild my confidence for the subject and further understand more difficult concepts that I had struggled to grasp.After working hard and attending all of my lectures, I was delighted with my results and even achieved student of the year!

My tips for prospective students are to work hard and don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed. Try not to stress out too much and remember to enjoy your time at uni because it will be over before you know it!

27 November 2019