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Ashton Bamfield

Course: BA(Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice

"I graduated from UCLan in 2010 and my degree is in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and although not currently working within this field, I have gained many skills that are transferable to any role.

"I am currently working as a Summer Support Intern at UCLan within the School of School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Although my degree is in Criminology, it has many transferable skills which have been extremely beneficial to me in my current support and administrative role. A degree to me is not solely about becoming a specialist in your subject, but also about gaining employability skills which are vital in the current job market. My degree gave me these skills and I am competent at researching, time management, project planning and also have a strong sense of cultural and social awareness. My degree has given me the confidence to interact with a range of individuals and my communications skills have really been strengthened.

"My research skills have increased drastically, which has enabled me to complete tasks in a more time efficient way, and has also improved my problem solving abilities. My communication skills have also improved, and I am now confident when speaking to a wide range of audiences and speaking in large groups. Having studied in a multicultural city, I am certainly more culturally aware, because of this and the topics covered in my course, where we were required to interrogate and challenge ‘common-sense’ assumptions surrounding controversial topics, I am definitely a more open-minded individual.

"I am really enjoying my job having learnt so many new skills which are all transferable to other roles, which is great for my CV."