Asawari Savant

Applied Public Health MSc, First Year

As someone who complained when the temperature dropped below 10 degrees at home in India, Asawari has grown to love the weather in Preston and even missed it when she returned home during the Christmas break.

I hadn’t visited Preston before arriving here to study and I have had no issues at all – except all the baggage I had with me! It’s a clean and beautiful city, where the people are so friendly and you feel so welcome. There are no issues with race or anything of that kind, so if you can handle the cold it’ll be the perfect university.

I never thought I’d say this but now I’ve started loving the cold! I was the person who always bundled up like a fur ball in India when it was anywhere around 10 degrees – I was known for always complaining about the cold. However, now I am used to it and I know it is rare and won’t be the same for all Indians but when I went home at Christmas I missed the cool fresh weather of Preston. I even saw my first snowfall here recently and believe me when I say it was truly magical!

Having completed all of my previous studies in India, I can tell you that there are plenty of differences when you come to study in the UK. India has a more knowledge-testing approach to education, whereas here there’s more emphasis on what you learn, and not what you simply know. Here modules focus on learning outcomes and you know once you’ve completed the modules how you can use this knowledge or skill in the future in employment.

I have really enjoyed the exam pattern over here because I am used to having 4 hour exams from any part of the textbook, but here there’s more emphasis on assignments that means you get lots of time for completion.

Asawari Savant

Asawari Savant

The support from Tutors and Professors is amazing; they always reply instantly when needed and they are understanding. The support of my Course Leader has been a standout experience at UCLan so far, he has gone beyond his means to help me even though he’s so busy. Most students on my course are international, so the Professor organised an excursion for us to visit Public Health England – this wasn’t part of the course, just something extra for us to understand the course better.

I have immersed myself into life at UCLan which has helped me to settle and meet people. I am also the Student Representative for my course, so I run study sessions with other students, I attend the university gym which is free for all students, I work part-time as the Student Ambassador of UCLan and I also volunteer for the British Heart Foundation. In addition to this, I have utilised some of the opportunities on campus, such as joining induction courses, Chinese calligraphy lessons and I have joined the Vegan Society and Indian Society, which was great because we celebrated Diwali together. My advice is to get out of your comfort zone because there are plenty of opportunities available.

Preston is a good place. It is calm and quiet, green and beautiful. The campus is very safe, I've even been out at 3am, for strolls with friends to get fresh air or after a party and there’s never been any problems. Since living here, I have managed to visit many different places in the UK due to Preston’s transport links; Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, London, Reading, Lake District, Windsor and my favourite Oxford. The trains are convenient, on time and comfy with the station as easy walk from campus.

Overall, the university and support is brilliant, it was my number one choice and it really deserves to be your number one choice too! I have never felt lost since I have arrived in Preston.

11 April 2019