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Architectural Technology students benefit from Amsterdam trip

An annual overseas residential field trip is a highlight of the BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology course at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

This year over 30 students from across the programme spent three days exploring Amsterdam on foot, bike and public transport. The field trip allowed students to focus on three overarching themes; water, keeping it out of buildings and construction on reclaimed land; the bike and how its use impact on design of the urban realms; and new technologies. During the visit the students spent an afternoon exploring one of the first 3D printed residential homes in the world, where they watched it being printed and getting to grips with the materials being used.

The excursion has proved to be of great benefit to the students, helping them to develop skills which will be vital in their future careers.

Course leader Ann Vanner commented: “The trip has helped the students on a number of different levels. Out in the field they were taking notes, sketching and looking at buildings, using their eyes, and thinking about why certain things were happening or been designed that way.

“It also helps them in terms of networking and building up friendships within the cohort. While the students tend to stay in year groups in the studio, on the trip they mixed with people from different year groups. This gives them a greater network of people that can help support them.”

The students shared Ann’s views on the benefits of the trip. First year Andrew Devers said: “This trip has brought us all closer together as a course because we have a better understanding of each other, we’ve learnt what everybody’s strengths and weaknesses are and have also had the opportunity to get to know the course leaders better.”

Reflecting on his most enjoyable aspect of the trip, Andrew added: “My favourite part of the trip was probably looking at all of the different types of architecture, how UK and Dutch architecture is different and how their designs develop from them.”

See a photo gallery from the trip.