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Amy Dewhurst

Summer School staff

TESOL teacher Amy Dewhurst has taught at the Language Academy’s summer school for the past two years. She is currently working in Toledo, Spain, teaching English to Spanish adults and hopes to return to the summer school at UCLan in 2015.

What were your highlights of the 2014 summer school?

Every day definitely had its highlights although my main highlight throughout the whole of the summer school was getting to know my students, both in and out of the classroom. Seeing their confidence in speaking English and their knowledge of British culture improve daily was very rewarding. Playing bubble football and riding rollercoasters at Blackpool Pleasure Beach with them could be classed under “highlights” too!

What did you enjoy most about working for the Language Academy?

Every week’s lessons and activities were based around a different theme so there was a lot of variety in and out of the classroom. As every student is different and every student learns in different ways, the aim was to provide the students with many different tools to enable them to progress and acquire a higher level of English. Also, very importantly, the relationships and general atmosphere between the teaching team and the students was great!


How beneficial do you think the summer school is to helping students improve their English skills?

I think that the UCLan summer school provides a perfect balance of learning in the classroom practising the four main skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), followed by the practical use of English outside the classroom with different and enjoyable real-life situations. At the same time, students can do whatever they choose to do in their free time and really make the most of their time in England.

Which countries/cities had you worked at before teaching at UCLan?

I have worked for the UCLan summer school for the past two summers and hope to join the team again for summer 2015. During my time as a TESOL teacher I have taught in Paris, Hong Kong, Thailand and, whilst doing my MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics with UCLan, I also worked part-time with pre-sessional courses at UCLan.

What are you currently up to?

I am currently working in a Cambridge English Language Assessment Academy teaching English to Spanish adults in Toledo, Spain. I am really happy teaching here as my students are great and the city is truly beautiful. Although, I am looking forward to hopefully seeing a classroom full of new faces in the summer!