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Alison Jones

Alison Jones

Alison Jones joined UCLan in 1991. She started her career at UCLan as a Personal Assistant (PA), to the Dean and Registrar of Lancashire Business School. Since being with us, Alison has progressed onto many different roles within the University, and is now working as a Principal Officer within the Academic Quality and Standards Unit.

Alison says “I love my job. I really do like what I do. My role is to oversee the University’s internal and external quality assurance activities, providing support to Schools and Partner institutions. Working at UCLan has enabled me to meet a wide variety of people; not only within the University, but also outside of the University. The nature of my role involves working closely with staff and external partners within the UK and overseas. As a result, I have been fortunate enough to travel to various places-which has been a great experience in of itself. I have travelled to places such as Hong Kong, China, India and other places within Europe!

“I started working at UCLan back in 1991, and I have been able to take advantage of many career opportunities since being here. After two years of being a PA, I was offered a secondment as a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Faculty of Design and Technology. After this, I secured a permanent position of Senior Admin Assistant in Validation and Review which gave me a broader understanding of the University. I was able to take advantage of further secondments, undertaking other roles; from other Senior Admin roles in different faculty offices, to Project Management roles. Consequently, I have really been able to develop as a person, and also my professional prospects. Whilst working here, I also managed to undertake a Bachelor Honours degree at the University on a part time basis in English Language and Linguistics. UCLan has definitely given me a lot in return for the hard work I have put in.

“One of the things that stands out about the University is that it is dynamic. The University is never ‘still’- the University is always foreseeing changes that will impact both staff and students, and continues to implement positive changes.

“Anyone who wants to, or is thinking about applying for a job at UCLan should most definitely do it! I would advise you think about the role you want to get into, and if you are successful, really ensure you take advantage of the career opportunities that come your way. Don’t be discouraged about taking hold of opportunities just because they are outside of your comfort zone- they are offered to help you grow, and expand your horizons. For me, they have led me on a great journey!”