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Alick B. Muvundika

Impacts of closed landfills on the environment - PhD

Zambian student Alick joined UCLan as a PhD student focussing on the impacts of closed landfills on the environment.

“After seeing the University advert for a PhD to study the impact of MSW landfills I made an informal enquiry to the Director of Studies for the project. I was happy with the response and feedback from him regarding the availability of research facilities at UCLan. I also visited the UCLan website to view some of the facilities at the University and I was impressed the state-of-the-art research facilities.

“I have a very good supervisory team and can meet with my Director of Studies without appointment if I need to. In addition, I share an office with other PhD students from different nationalities. They are in a similar situation to mine and that makes life bearable as we usually console each other if things are not moving the way you would like them to.

“It was quite easy for me to settle in the new environment because I found other PhD students who had been newcomers like me before and they helped me settle. The graduate school orientation programme for new students also helped a lot in making me settle in my new environment.

“It is quite easy to make friends at UCLan. The presence of many international students who could be in similar situations makes it easier. I would encourage new students particularly from Zambia and other sub-saharan African countries to study at UCLan. I am the only Zambian PhD in the School of Built and Natural Environment and would urge anyone contemplating studying in the UK to try UCLan as they will not be disappointed.

“I would recommend studying at UCLan to others - it makes you have a different perspective of how you generally perceive issues. You also get exposed to different cultures through the many nationalities of different students you meet at the University."