Alice Cavassa


After working as a translator for an events company in her native Italy, Alice moved to the UK to pursue her passion for the event industry. She found the BA (Hons) Event Management at UCLan to be an exciting option.

“I felt as though this course would make the most out of my skills, my experience and interests. The fact that I have strong organisational skills, I am a people person, I am empathic and I love a challenge, made the course perfect for my needs,” explains Alice.

UCLan provided Alice with not only theoretical lectures but also workshops and practical working experience in the event industry.

Speaking about her time at UCLan Alice said: “I will always cherish the memories of my time at UCLan especially the great atmosphere, the exceptional tutoring from my lecturers and the excellent quality of lectures.”

After graduating, Alice went back home to Italy and after quick break started sending out CVs every day to companies. After a little persistence she landed her current position.

Alice commented: “It took me only three months to find the right job for me and my goals. People say I was lucky, maybe I was a little, however I persisted and carried on looking trying not to get demoralised when no results of my hard work was showing.”

Alice is now a Project Manager for Hampton Medical, assisting on the planning of medical conferences. Her duties involve providing support to project managers working on client projects and proposals. She is responsible for a variety of tasks including registration management, customer/delegate enquiry management, client meetings, onsite event staff and team meetings and debriefs.

“Since graduation, my biggest achievement has been managing to find a good job within the industry I studied for, within my three-month limit. It has been very satisfying being able to make my parents proud for all their sacrifices and constant support.”

She adds: “I am also grateful to have found an industry I thrive in and I am passionate about, and also being able to take advantage of the opportunity of studying abroad in a highly reputable university. I believe you can obtain anything as long as you have a specific and obtainable goal, the right attitude, gumption and a strong desire to succeed.”