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French-born Alexandre studied at an engineering school in Paris before coming to UCLan on an exchange programme. He spent one additional year as part of his studies at the University to earn his BSc with Honours. His favourite part of UCLan was being in the library, which he describes as being “…like a beehive. I really enjoyed spending hours there.”

Alexandre went directly to work after earning his degree. He secured a job at the multinational management company Europtima, where his knowledge of both French and English languages proved indispensable. He eventually went onto being responsible for contract and cost management for the company’s large retail projects under €100 million.

In 2011 Alexandre became a founding partner with two former colleagues in the JAM Group based in Switzerland, which offers project management and real estate development services.

According to Alexandre, “My studies at UCLan obviously helped a lot as I returned home fully fluent in English.” He also states that if he had not studied at UCLan he would not have been hired in the first place.

As for any words of wisdom to pass down to prospective students, Alexandre says, “If you have the opportunity, GO FOR IT whatever the burden and sacrifices it entails. My motto is: "Never regret." And go as far as you can.”