Aimee Sullivan

BSc (Hons) Psychology, third year student

Having previously struggled to settle in to life at another university, Aimee Sullivan found UCLan’s Psychology BSc (Hons) course to be the perfect fit for her.

Now in her third year at the University, she believes that both the facilities and the teaching on offer here have helped her to develop her belief in her ability.

“I chose to study at UCLan after deciding to leave a previous degree,” she started. “I didn’t feel it was the right fit for me. After struggling to decide what to do, my best friend Kate recommended the Psychology degree here. I was unable to attend an open day, but I rang up and spoke to a member of staff about what to expect and they were incredibly helpful and friendly. 

“The facilities are incredible and nothing like I have seen at any other university. They are also easily accessible to students which is great!

“The teaching is very engaging which I think is what sets UCLan apart from other universities. Lecturers make you feel at ease, confident and like no question is a stupid question.

“I definitely feel like my confidence has grown massively because of the UCLan Psychology lecturers and how approachable and friendly they are.”

Another thing that has impressed the third-year student is how flexible the course programme is.

Before the undergraduates enter their final year, they can mix and match between multiple aspects of psychology, which allows them to develop all their skills to eventually leave with a degree that they can be proud of.

In addition to that though, Aimee is hugely grateful to the Wellbeing services on offer at UCLan, and she believes that she wouldn’t have got as far as she has without them.

“I really like the flexibility and the fact you can get a taster for various types of psychology throughout the degree before third year,” she continued.

“This was especially important for me as I had never studied psychology at all whatsoever.  As I was applying for the Foundation Psychology degree it was important that I receive support for academic writing due to my inexperience with psychology and the writing style for it, so the essential skills were also an important part for me.

“I came to UCLan with very low confidence, self-esteem and little to no knowledge of what psychology was. I have had to overcome these obstacles and I feel that UCLan has definitely helped. I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and if it wasn’t for the Wellbeing staff I would not have got a diagnosis or the support that I needed. Now, 3 years later, I am almost a completely different person.”

Aimee has immersed herself in the course and has already been involved in helping other students on their paths too.

In her opinion, it is vital that anyone who is studying for a degree at the University should take advantage of the brilliant opportunities that are available to further themselves.

“I’ve been involved in giving the UCLan student experience talk at Open Days and Applicant Days. I’ve also been involved in the pilot for the Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) scheme which is now on its second year due to its success,” she said.

“PASS has allowed me to help other students with their academic work as well as settling into university, but it has allowed me to take part in training I wouldn’t be offered anywhere else and to perfect my communication, organisational, presenting and social skills as well as my confidence. 

“You should take every opportunity that is offered to you and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Get to know your lecturers, they are not going to bite, and they will be able to help you better if they know you.”

30 April 2019