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Adam McClean

Course : Broadcast Journalism  PGDip, MA

Digital Journalist of the Year, O2 Awards - Winner

"During the rioting in Manchester city centre I was able to use social media to tell the story as it happened. In the wake of the riots I successfully petitioned judges for permission to cover proceedings live on Twitter from the courtroom. It was a first for courts in the North West and I enjoyed making use of the most effective and practical platform to tell a story the world wanted to listen to. It's no longer possible to think of journalism as being a discipline specific to one platform. As a modern journalist you need to be well prepared to tell your story effectively in each space your audience chooses to inhabit. I approach every story by considering how I'm best able to cover it on television and across all of the new platforms we serve. I left UCLan prepared for an industry that expects journalists to possess the same skills of decades ago but with the ingenuity to channel those skills through mediums that might not yet exist."