Abha Gautam

MBA with Placement

Abha is one of the GREAT India scholarship awardees from MG University, India that has started studying Master of Business Administration (MBA) at UCLan this year; Abha has kindly shared her first thoughts and impressions of UCLan with us.

Life at UCLan

What was your first impression of UCLan?
“I felt homesick at the beginning and spoke to Nicola Lin and Bhakti - the Welcome Team Coordinator – and got lots of support, the people are very helpful and It’s a nice campus.”

What services have you enjoyed at UCLan?
“The 24/7 Library and on-campus accommodation.”

Have you tried the free gym facilities? If so, what do you think of them?
“Yes! I go to Zumba classes daily, I feel very enthusiastic there as mentors are superb.”

Have you enjoyed any impressive experiences during your time at UCLan?
“Yes, when I went on residential with my course leaders and course mates. Amazing experience, working as a team and reaching my capabilities has changed me a lot, it has transformed me into a different person, I am more confident. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this institution.”

Have you found your professors helpful?
“Yes, especially my course leader Dorota Marsh. Her statements have made me change my mind-set and she has encouraged me a lot.”

Which department of UCLan have you found the most helpful?
“The <i> – as they have helped me in lots of things. Especially, when I have asked for help with laptops and financial support.”

Do you think there is a difference between India Education and British Education?
“Indian education is exam-based whereas British education is assignment-based which I find more helpful as it makes me more creative, self-dependent and increases my critical thinking skills.”

Do you live in UCLan accommodation?
“Yes, it is secure with easy access to campus.”

Has your course provided you with a live project or internship opportunities?
“Yes, my course has a second year placement, workshop and CV sessions helping with placement opportunities.”

Have your courses provided short study trips?
“Yes, I went on residential to Windermere in October.”

If you could change one thing/ service at UCLan, what would it be?
“It would be great if the university could help international students more with financial support.”

Abha Gautam

Life in Preston

What was your first impression of Preston?
“It has a historical heritage and I found a temple in the town centre.”

Is it convenient to live in Preston? Any particular restaurants you like?
“Yes, I like that there is a market nearby and RK restaurant is very nice.”

Have you travelled nearby?
“I have travelled extensively recently outside of campus provided by the university. It’s very easy to get to places from Preston.”

What do you think of the transportation?
“Good, I prefer the buses.”

How do you find the weather?
“Quite cold, looking forward to March when the weather improves!”

What do you usually do in your spare time?
“I visit the library and continue to study; it is very good and has everything you need at no additional cost.”

Do you think it has been easy to make friends in Preston?
“Yes, I have made friends, there’s 45 other Indian students on the same MBA course and I have made friends outside the course too.”

What would you say to future students coming to UCLan?
“It will be a great experience and there will be lots of opportunities waiting for you.”