Aamna Ahmed

Pharmacy (MPharm), 2017

Aamna Ahmed

From High School onwards, Aamna Ahmed always had a passion for science, particularly chemistry, her favourite subject. Aamna studied A Level Chemistry, alongside Biology and Psychology at college and, knowing family and friends who went and studied pharmacy and excelled, decided to study Pharmacy (MPharm) at UCLan.

After graduation, the master's graduate started her pre-registration year at Geloo Brothers Ltd, where she is currently working, in the hope of becoming a fully qualified pharmacist.

“To bring me to this position was not easy,” Aamna said. “However, I am grateful for every struggle I faced to reach to this milestone as it was completely worth it! Patience and perseverance were the two main skills needed in order to bring me to this position.”

Whilst studying, Aamna spent time volunteering in several community pharmacies which helped her build an interest and give her a taster about what the role of a pharmacist involved.

She said: “I appreciated every moment of my experiences spent in community pharmacies. It helped me to reflect on what I learnt and improve as an individual on my transferable skills gained such as time management, delegation, teamwork, communication and many more.”

Aamna remembers her lasting memories at UCLan as enjoying the Pharmacy lectures, dispensing workshops, making the most of her classes and the full University experience with her classmates, adding: “My experiences at UCLan has impacted my current employment and life in general by realising to go with the flow and to take each day as it comes as not every day is expected to be the same.

“To achieve your goals in life, nothing is impossible if you work hard for it and to keep going and not to give up! No matter what anyone tells you.”