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Josh Hooper and Lewis Walmsley

Course: BA (Hons) English Language

Josh Hooper and Lewis Walmsley are studying towards their BA in English Language and are about to embark on an adventure in Peru: an invaluable experience which will also look pretty good on their CV! The students, working on a project for their Year 2 module English Language Workshop, part of the English Language Skills Initiative (ELSIE) worked with their tutor Angela Kilpatrick on a proposal which they submitted to UCLan’s Travel Bursary Scheme. As a result they were awarded £2000 for their trip. This is their story.

Lewis said: “On the 2nd June 2013 we will begin our Peruvian adventure. It is an experience which we believe will change our lives. We became aware of the opportunity through UCLan. During one of our English lectures a representative from the charity organisation Reach Out Volunteers presented an overview of the work they do as a charity, and how we could get involved and make a difference too. Instantly this was something that appealed to the both of us. We have always had ambitions of making a difference to those who have not been as fortunate as ourselves, and through this opportunity we have been given the chance to do so."

"The experience is organised by Reach Out Volunteers. It is a two-week trip which focuses on making a difference to the local community in Cusco. Whilst there we will be given the chance to develop the key skills we already possess, such as our teamwork, leadership and communication attributes. The trip consists of a wide range of activities, which vary from building a crèche to teaching the local children basic English skills."

"We have always had the desire to be fluent in another language, and since joining university we have been given the opportunity to do so through the Rosetta Stone facilities. For the last few months we have been spending several hours a week using this programme to learn Spanish. With Peru being a Latin American country their primary language is Spanish. This will allow us to develop our Spanish speaking abilities through the daily Spanish lesson hosted by the local women."

"After graduating from UCLan we have aspirations of working within the education system. I have ambitions of becoming a primary school teacher, whereas Josh is considering teaching English as a foreign language. This opportunity will allow us to gain an insight into what it would be like to work in both of our potential careers, as whilst in Peru we are expected to spend several hours a day working in the school teaching the local children basic English skills. By gaining such experience in a classroom environment would crucially provide us with a more rounded understanding of what each of our potential careers demand."