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Hannah Owen


Why did you choose UCLan?

I chose UCLan because the mathematics course ranked well in the Guardian university league tables- I think it was sixth in the UK at the time.

What is the teaching like on this course?

We started with a recap of A Level maths, which was good because it helped everyone settle in and relax.
All the lecturers are really approachable and the class sizes are fairly small so you’re encouraged to answer questions in the middle of a lecture. They gave us a talk at the beginning of the course and assured us we would need to work hard to earn our degree. I liked this because I wanted the course to be challenging.

Why should people study mathematics at UCLan?

Mathematics is a degree which is held in high esteem. Employers love it and it can open so many doors. It’s a difficult subject but very rewarding when you understand it.

What extracurricular opportunities have you got involved with?

I visited Italy in the summer between my second and third year thanks to UCLan’s International Travel Bursary. We had to apply for the bursary and chose Italy because of its prominence in mathematical history. We visited the University of Pisa and received a guided tour of their maths department. We had a lecture about the history of maths where Galileo will have taught and it was great to see how maths is a universal language.

I’ve also set up my own business called Myriad of Maths. I work part-time for Mad Science which makes science fun for children in school or at birthday parties. Myriad of Maths will operate in a similar way. I create kits/lesson plans that present maths in a very fun way and am hoping to deliver these at after school sessions.

I'd have been lost if I tried this start-up without UCLan. I won the UCLan Entrepreneurship Award and received a £500 prize which helped me start the business. The enterprising department have been so helpful and I have regular meetings with them where they help me move the business forward. They also provide free office space.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering studying here?

Think about whether you want to live away from home or not. It’s a vital decision when thinking about university. I moved away from home, which was the best decision for me. I know people who stayed at home and regretted it but also have friends who live at home and love it because of the money they save.