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BIRD - Business Intelligence Reporting Dashboard

Funded by JISC - Project duration: Feb 2011 - July 2012

JISC logoThe BIRD - Business Intelligence Reporting Dashboard project aims to replace the current UCLan BI system, MooD, and integrate other BI data, which is stored in various locations across UCLan, making it inaccessible to decision makers. The new BI system will be developed using SharePoint, which will enable it to be integrated with the SharePoint for Schools project, which introduces a single system for storage of all key documents and data. The new system will enable managers to interact and update their data, ensuring the central data source data is kept up to date. This ensures the rest of the university is kept informed of emerging trends and developments. The new BI system is expected to reduce the costs relating to the current process for management and sharing of BI data.

We wish to extend the level of BI available to our business units - e.g. to enable a Head of School to confirm his position against strategic targets, but also to understand what makes up that headline figure, using programme and module level data to identify areas that performed poorly/well in order to identify best practice. Using the JISC InfoNet BI Resource for guidance, this project will work with key stakeholders to re-define the processes that deliver the evidence base to the right users at the right time and will subsequently develop the BI system using Microsoft SharePoint to deliver the user interface (linked to appropriate data sets through the data warehouse). We will use this interface to simplify the process for requesting data/analysis and will provide personalisation facilities to enable individuals to create an interface that provides the data most appropriate to their needs. As part of the project we will review the JISC InfoNet BI resource, providing recommendations to support the evaluation of the product.

Project team

  • Lucy Nelson - Project Manager
  • Lisa Banks - Head of Business Support
  • Linda McLaughlin - Business Analyst
  • Sally Turnbull - Corporate Strategy Manager
  • David Pheonix - Pro Vice Chancellor (Strategic Planning and Performance Review)



Aims and Objectives

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the requirements for Business Intelligence (BI) (as we move from level four to level six in terms of maturity) and to develop a single BI system that supports the delivery of this requirement. The project will focus on data subject categories of student data and information, performance measurement and management, benchmarking and strategic planning in the first instance.

The core objectives of this project are;

  • To review the requirements for business intelligence with key stakeholders, to identify what ‘success’ means in such a project.
  • To build a business intelligence system that provides access to all pertinent internal and external data through a single user interface. The system should allow senior managers and decision makers access to timely, accurate data to enable better forecasting, benchmarking and monitoring of progress, development and trends.
  • To field test the JISC InfoNet BI resource and report findings and feedback to JISC.

The project aims to;

  • Use the JISC InfoNet BI resource to review the requirements of key stakeholders and re-define processes leading to process improvement and responsibility for data definition and production.
  • Implement a new system with a user interface of a dashboard using SharePoint, utilising the experiences of Sharepoint experts, to facilitate a knowledge exchange to UCLan’s Development
    Team, subsequently sharing the site template and specification with other HEIs.
  • Create a BI system that will provide the right intelligence to the right users at the right time.
  • Create a dashboard that provides an ‘at a glance’ view of strategic performance measures by business unit.
  • Create a single user-interface that provides access to all internal and external data-sets, but can be personalised to meet the varied needs of Directorate, School and Service Heads, Programme Leads etc.
  • Improve data usage by simplifying the process of accessing BI data, reducing the workload on the end user and data suppliers and ensuring quality of data.
  • Ensure processes are in place for quality assurance and data checks in order that the system is reliable and trusted by users.
  • Use the JISC InfoNet BI resource to benchmark the performance of the institution and identify how we can increase our level of maturity
  • Using the JISC InfoNet BI resources as guidance, develop a process that ensures all requests for data are processed through one channel so that checks can be made to see if the requested report exists, to assess the value of the request, to assess if it is likely to be requested by others and subsequently replicated and “pushed” elsewhere. This process will ensure the efficiency of the provision of BI and ensure UCLan is providing it in the most cost effective manner, not repeating or replicating work elsewhere in the institution.