Semester 1 & 2

These workshops are free and open to ALL students.  Please email to book a place.

Semester 1

 1. Preparing for your first assignment     1. 2nd Oct or 4th Oct   
 2. Analysing assignment questions & understanding tasks  2. 9th Oct or 11th Oct
 3. Writing academic essays (purpose, structure & style)  3. 16th Oct or 18th Oct
 4. General introduction to dissertations (Dissertation workshop)  4. 23rd Oct or 25th Oct
 5. Demonstrating critical thinking in your writing  5. 30th Oct or 1st Nov
 6. Writing a literature review (Dissertation workshop)  6. 6th Nov or 8th Nov
 7. Reflective writing (purpose, structure & style)  7. 13th Nov or 15th Nov
 8. Referencing accurately to avoid plagiarism  8. 20th Nov or 22nd Nov
 9. Report writing (purpose, structure & style)  9. 27th Nov or 29th Nov
 10. Presentations (structure, delivery, visuals) 10. 4th Dec or 6th Dec
 11. Exam strategies for success 11. 11th Dec or 13th Dec


Semester 2

1. Collecting primary data (Dissertation workshop)   1. 22nd Jan or 24th Jan
2. Writing academic essays
(analysing assignment questions, understanding tasks, structure & style)
2. 29th Jan or 31st Jan
3. Writing in an academic style 3. 5th Feb or 7th Feb
4. Presentations (structure, delivery, visuals) 4. 12th Feb or 14th Feb
5. Writing up your dissertation (Dissertation workshop) 5. 19th Feb or 21st Feb
6. Reflective writing (purpose, structure & style) 6. 26th Feb or 28th Feb
7. Report writing (purpose, structure & style) 7. 5th Mar or 7th Mar
8. Exam strategies for success 8. 9th Apr or 11th Apr