Inviting Friends and Family to visit you in the UK

How does your visitor arrange a visit?

If your visitor is a national of a country that is OUTSIDE the European Economic Area (EEA), they will have to apply for permission to come to the UK as a visitor. Visitors should not intend to stay in the UK for more than 6 months and need to be able to prove they can support themselves financially during their stay.


How does your visitor apply for a Visa?

The GOV.UK website includes detailed guidance on how to apply for a Standard Visitor Visa.


What documents will your visitor need to apply for a Standard Visitor Visa?

The Gov.UK website includes a full list of documents that are needed to apply for a Standard Visitor Visa.

We strongly advise that you provide your visitor with the following documents to support their application:

  • Confirmation of Study Letter proving your status as a full-time student at UCLan. You can request a Confirmation of Study Letter online or by coming into the <i> - Student Information Centre on the ground floor of the Library.

  • A personal letter of invitation from you stating your visitor's relationship to you and why they want to come and visit you (for example, for a holiday or to attend your graduation). The letter of invitation must be written by you.

  • Copy of your passport and BRP card (if you have a BRP card).

  • Where your visitor plans to stay. If they plan to stay with you, include your address on the personal letter of invitation and a copy of your tenancy agreement. If they are staying in a hotel, you should provide proof of the hotel booking and the cost of the stay.

  • 6 months bank statements if you are paying for some or all of the costs of the visit.
Send your supporting documents to your visitor. DO NOT send your supporting documents directly to the Embassy or Home Office.